DIY Livery

We currently offer a DIY Livery service at Manor Farm. All liveries are entitled to use all of our facilities as part of their livery package.

Current Livery Packages

DIY Livery to include stable, grazing and ad lib hay (winter tariff): £172.00/month

DIY Livery to include bare stable and grazing: £111.00.month

Retirement grazing: £53.00/month

There are package variations, but we would be pleased to talk you through these when chatting about your specific requirements.

Bedding supplies available for purchase - billed monthly.

Other Services

We understand that work and other factors mean that it is not always possible to get to your horse as often as you would like. We are on hand to help you out when needed.

Basic assisted DIY services are available throughout the year, by arrangement. Please contact us for more information.